• Reform: Complete Integral
  • Location: Nerja, Málaga
  • Elements to be highlighted: Luminosity throughout the house

The following post describes the remodelling of a townhouse in Nerja (Malaga), used by its owners as a second residence.

Thanks to the boho, relaxed style, together with the mixture of colours used, such as luminous white and warm blue tones, the house conveys a feeling of peace and a restful atmosphere.

No major changes to the structure were necessary. The open design that integrates the kitchen, the dining room and the living room has been maintained.

The colour scheme, distribution of elements and combination of different textures all contribute towards good design and make the property very profitable when rented out as a holiday home.

Some people enjoy decorating the house, as is this case here, where the owners have given the property a cozy Nordic touch. If you don’t have time for this or find it too stressful, we suggest seeking advice from a professional. We can even offer you interior decorator services if necessary.

First impressions are very important. Isn't it wonderful to have an entrance like this?


The L-shaped kitchen is very functional and integrates perfectly into the open design. The tiles behind the cooker form a colorful touch and really stand out.

The use of shelves helps make the most of the space. As there are only a few cupboards, they also brighten up the space and create decorative storage possibilities, such as the crockery storage below:


The original style of the bathroom has been maintained. The addition of blue and grey-tone tiles adds a vintage touch. A custom-made countertop was created to store the washing machine and bathroom appliances/toiletries.


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