Reform lounge and terrace Nerja

  • Reform: Lounge and Terrace
  • Ubicación: Nerja, Málaga
  • Element to be highlighted: Folding glass doors
Before After

This reform was carried out in a house located in Nerja, characterized by a mild climate throughout the year. Because of this, the fireplace in the living room was not used.

The fireplace was at the bottom of the living room wall that led to the terrace. Next to it was a small access door to the outside that did not let much light enter.

The renovation got rid of the fireplace to create more space in the room and replaced the small door with a large glass door that takes up the whole wall. Thanks to this change, the living room is now much lighter as all of the light from outside now enters.

Before After

The entrance to the terrace is under roof, it was an intermediate space between the terrace and the living room and it was unused. To improve it, at the end of the roofed area, glass doors were installed that allow light to pass through and convert this space into part of the living room or terrace depending on whether the doors are open or closed.

The doors are made of aluminum, a first quality material. The double glazing allows to keep the temperature of the interior in addition to acoustically isolate. The frame is at the same level of the ground to avoid possible falls and fit aesthetically.

Before After

The second glazed door is foldable, allows all the sheets to be folded to one side occupying a minimum space and obtain a 100% open distribution.

The laminate wood flooring has been replaced with ceramic tiles, a high-quality and durable material that provides the room with lots of warmth.

The union of all of this work enabled us to create an intimate interior/exterior setting that will allow its owners to take full advantage of their space in both summer and winter. Their living room has earned extra space and light, and thanks to the new glass doors, the roofed part of the terrace can now form part of the living room or the terrace.

Before After

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